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At Weaver Rifles all work is done in house; that is how we deliver your custom rifle in a shorter time and control all aspects of production.

Wildcat Cartridges:

I have more wildcat reamers on hand than standard reamers, I enjoy working on something different. If you have an idea on a new cartridge or just want to modify an existing cartridge, Weaver Rifles is the place to start your project. Please contact us and we will help in developing a print and will order a reamer at no extra charge to you.


Is your old rifle not performing like it did in years past? Then it might need a good cleaning or a new barrel. Weaver Rifles installs 50 to 100 barrels a year for shooters who would like to make old Betsy shoot better or just want to change the cartridge and keep the same old receiver and stock. Weaver Rifles has the capabilities to match the same contour of the old barrel or order a larger or smaller contour, whatever you chose. The most common question asked when ordering a new barrel is: Who makes the best barrel? That is a question I cant answer. I believe if you pay a little extra and get a Match Grade barrel from Shilen, Pac-Nor, Krieger, Lilja or Hart, You will not be disappointed. It really depends on what you are planning to use the rifle for.


Weaver Rifles uses match grade removable piloted reamers ONLY . When chambering a barrel the pilot must fit the barrel. The less expensive solid pilot reamers seldom fit the barrel properly. The pilots we use are made to within 2 ten-thousands of an inch. By interchanging the pilots on the reamer we can insure a proper fit. This is the only way to cut a chamber to the center line of the bore. If we do not have the reamer you want we will get it at no extra charge.

Action Truing:

I am commonly asked, Do I need to true my action? The answer is simply a YES or NO. The majority of factory actions need some work. If you want precision and accuracy out of your rifle, then Yes you need your action trued. If you are satisfied with to inch groups or are only intending to shoot factory ammo thru your new barrel then No you do not need your action trued. How I true an action. I use very precise tooling made by GTR and Manson Tooling. I first ream the bolt raceways of the action. Then I re-cut the receiver threads, square the recoil lugs and front of the receiver. Next I true the bolt to the center line of the firing pin hole. If needed, I will fit a bushing on the front and or back of the bolt to insure the bolt will always be centered in the receiver. Last, I true the recoil lugs and bolt face. This process takes about 8 to 12 hours. Truing an action is a time consuming and very exacting art, thus the expense.

Custom Rifles:

Some gunsmiths put their favorite barrel on a rifle and put some glass in a factory stock and call it a custom rifle. The definition of a custom rifle to me is a rifle that the client dreams of. From the recoil pad to the muzzle break we will make your dreams come true. When you order a rifle built by Weaver Rifles, you will choose how your rifle will feel and look because you and your family will use the rifle for generations to come. We will make sure it shoots.


The most common question asked when ordering a barrel is; who makes the best barrel? Thats a question I cant answer. I believe if you pay more and get a Match Grade barrel from Shilen, Pac-Nor, Krieger, Liga or Hart, you will not be disappointed. Again, it depends on how you plan to use the rifle.

Stainless steel or Blued??

It is an "old wives" tale that stainless steel will shoot better than blued steel. So the choice is yours. When choosing a barrel take into account the style of the rifle and what the rifle will be used for. Blued barrels look and work very well on classic hunting rifles. Stainless steel is the best choice for rifles that will be shot a lot and used in extreme conditions. They also look great on painted synthetic stocks.


When choosing a stock I ask the customer to take a hard look at what the rifle will be used for. If you are going to use it where it may rain or snow every day then a synthetic stock is the way to go.
Man made gun stocks are more common on rifles today than wood. I believe for two reasons: One, these stocks are very durable, almost indestructible. Two, the cost for a finished synthetic stock can be as low as $200.
A wood stock on a custom rifle is beautiful, graceful and classy. The sky is the limit when it comes to stock configuration and grain conformation. A blank peace of wood will cost $250 and up, before a chisel is laid on it. So cost needs to be considered.


Is the checkering almost smooth on your old rifle? Then bring it to us and we can re-cut the old checkering to be much sharper than the original when we are done.

Custom Checkering:

Checkering on a custom rifle adds both texture and grip to the stock but equally as important is the sense of style and elegance this adds. We can cut simple patterns like the ones on Winchester or Ruger stocks or beautiful, complex patterns with fleur-de-lis and ribbons or create one all your own.
Stock Checkering Photographs

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***To improve turn around time on projects, Kevin will be happy to discuss your projects with you from 3pm-7pm Mountain Standard time Monday- Saturday or email anytime.
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